Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sale runs from 12:00am Thursday, November 23 to 11:59pm Monday, November 27, 2017!
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wanted: Extraordinary Pattern Testers!

I have a group of absolutely wonderful testers! Every pattern I design goes to them first so they can find all the typos, mistakes & random stuff that just doesn't make sense. I like to think I make fewer mistakes now than I did at first but inevitably there is something that can be improved upon. Only after it gets my testers' stamp of approval is a pattern made public.

Mix & Match Lovies made by my testers!

Does this sound like a group you would like to be a part of? Now is your chance! I am looking to add 1 or 2 new testers!

Update: I have enough applications for now! I will open it up again if I need more in the future! Thank you to everyone who applied! 😊

Here's what I look for in a tester:

  1. Reliable - able to meet deadlines consistently. Deadlines are usually 1 week from the date the pattern is sent to testers, although it varies based on the complexity of the project & the time of year.
  2. Attention to detail - the best testers find even the smallest errors! (stitch counts, spelling mistakes, formatting problems, etc.)
  3. Nice to work with - being cheerful & polite goes a long way 😊
  4. Good communication - I love updates, especially progress pictures! Prompt replies & problem reporting are appreciated too!

Some other notes:
  • I use US terminology.
  • Please do not share pictures or information about the pattern until I say (usually after I post it to Ravelry).
  • You may sell or gift the finished items from your testing, but please give me credit for the design (any online photos/listings must include the link to the pattern).
  • Please do not share my patterns. Most of them are paid patterns. If someone is interested, share the link to where they can buy it.
  • I will send you the final pattern via a Ravelry gift.
  • Please create a Ravelry project including pictures of your finished item.
I will post a link to the form here if I am currently looking for testers!

Some Mix & Match Monsters made by my testers!

Never tried my patterns? Check out the Bluebird CAL! If you can make a reasonably good Bluebird, you can probably handle my other patterns too πŸ˜‰

Prefer a written pattern? It's a free Ravelry download!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

NEW Video Tutorials!

The driving force behind my Video Tutorials is customer questions! I have a long list of contact methods on every pattern so that customers can contact me if they need help. One reason for this is simply that I want to help. The other reason is so I know where customers are getting confused! I use customer feedback not only to improve my patterns but also to determine which video tutorial I need to make next!
My "recording studio." I use my painting easel to hold my phone!

So, by popular demand, I give you 3 new Featherby & Friends Crochet Tutorials! These are all related in some way to my most popular pattern, The Mix & Match Lovey, but they are useful for other patterns as well.

1. Working in Both Sides of a Starting Chain: A great way to start working in the round when you don't want your project to be, well, round! I use this technique in several patterns including the Mix & Match Lovies & Monsters!

2. Defining the Cat & Fox Ears on the Pointy Head: Instead of having to sew ears on later, the cat & fox lovey are made with built-in ears. They just need to be defined with a few carefully placed stitches. This turned out to be slightly difficult to explain in the pattern so, not surprisingly, I've received a few questions about it. Don't worry, it is easier to do than it is to explain! This is used for the Lovies & the Critters!

3. Embroidering a Sleepy Face: Technically you can use the steps described to make other expressions too, but I just demonstrate a sleepy one. This is the face I use for my Lovies but you can use it any time you don't want to use safety eyes & noses.

I hope you find these tutorials helpful!
Please feel free to contact me with questions & requests for new tutorials!

πŸ’™Shares are appreciated πŸ’™

Find more video tutorials on the Featherby & Friends YouTube Channel!