Saturday, April 14, 2018

Doll Pattern Update: Coming soon!

My dolls were some of my very first patterns. Although they got the stamp of approval from testers & customers, the more I learn about designing, the more I feel my dolls could be improved! So I am finally doing something about it! 

I am currently working on updating all of my Doll Patterns!! It is a very big project that includes making several dolls, painting eyes, taking pictures, editing pictures & retyping the pattern. I will also be sending each revised pattern to testers all over again!

The revisions are fairly minor & focus on simplifying steps but also improving proportions or shape. So far I have only worked on the dolls themselves, although I do plan to revisit each outfit as well. All of the revised dolls will have attach-as-you-go limbs to eliminate sewing!

As for timeline, I am hesitant to give an estimated release date, but I will post progress pictures as I go along. If you're interested in staying up to date follow me on InstagramFacebook

✦   @featherbyandfriends   ✦   #featherbydollupdate   ✦

Interested in purchasing patterns?
I highly recommend purchasing patterns on Ravelry. It is the only store (that I use) that allows me to send an update to everyone who purchased a pattern & make it immediately available to them.

Already purchased doll patterns?
Ravelry Customers: You will receive a Ravelry message and/or email when an update has been posted so you can download the new pattern. 

Etsy or Craftsy customers: Email including your username & order number. Please include "Request for Doll Update" in the subject line of the email. If you purchased dolls or outfits in separate orders please include the order number for each order. I will email you the updated PDF for the items you purchased as they are available.

Need some help adding hair?
Check out my Video Tutorial!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Birthday Day 7: First Pattern Flash Sale

My very first doll, Millie, & my most recent doll, Poppie!

My very first pattern was the Little Sister Doll! Over the past 3 years I have worked to improve & expand that first pattern. The actual doll has changed very little, with mostly minor revisions here & there. The best (& biggest) change was the switch to attach-as-you-go limbs! She has also gotten 10 more outfits & some siblings!

Today you can get the Little Sister Doll for just $1! The pattern comes with complete instructions for making the doll with 4 outfit options. Click HERE to apply the coupon & add the pattern to your cart!

Use coupon code "FeatherbyFirst" on Ravelry only. 
March 8, 2018 from 7pm to Midnight EST

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Birthday Day 6: Play together to win!

Featherby loves his friends & now you get a chance to show some love to yours! For this game you have to play together! Here’s how:
  1. Reply to the Facebook post with this sentence & fill in the blanks: "I think __________ would love to make ____________________!" (The first blank is where you tag your friend! The second blank is for a Featherby & Friends pattern you think they would like to make! For example: I think @Alicia Moore would love to make a Cuddle Buddy Bear!)
  2. Tell your friend to respond with “Yes I would!!” (Let them know however you want: send a PM, text them, call them or knock on their door!) 
  3. Do you have more than one friend who wants to play? Choose a different pattern for each friend! Pick patterns you think they will love (& don’t already have!) because, if you win, you both get a copy! 
Important details: 
  • A “friend” is a fellow crocheter who wants to play with you! It can be someone you know in “real life” or someone you met in a Facebook crochet group. As long as they want to win a pattern & are excited to play along! 
  • You can play with as many friends as you want, but you can only tag each friend once! Please do not tag multiple friends in the same comment. Start a new comment for each friend you play with! 
  • The tagged friend must reply to your comment with “Yes I would!” for the entry to qualify! 
  • The winners will be chosen randomly from qualifying entries on Friday, March 9 after the 3rd Birthday Giveaway announcement. 
  • Winners’ patterns will be delivered by Ravelry gift or Facebook PM. If you are notified that you won, you must PM Featherby & Friends to claim your prize. If you want a Ravelry gift include your Ravelry ID
  • Sorry no pattern substitutions for this game! If you aren’t sure if your friend already owns a pattern, check first! 
Check out the pattern options on Ravelry!

Click here to play!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Birthday Day 5: Post a Project!

Today's activity: Share something you made from a Featherby & Friends pattern! 
You'll get 2 entries to the 3rd Birthday Giveaway for each one! If you also share a link to your Ravelry project you'll get an extra entry! 
Sorry, Bluebirds don't count for this one, but make sure you share them on Saturday's post!

Visit Featherby on Facebook to enter!

Not sure how to make a Ravelry project? Check out my step by step instructions!

Don't have a Featherby & Friends pattern yet? (Or want another?) 
Here's a coupon code for 30% off: FeatherbyProject
(coupon is for Ravelry only, one use per customer, expires March 9 at 7:00pm EST)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Birthday Day 4: Scavenger Hunt!

Go to the Facebook Event to learn more & to RSVP!

Join me Monday, March 5 at 7pm EST for the biggest Scavenger Hunt yet! There will be 9 pictures hidden in Featherby & Friends Ravelry listings! Be the first to find one (& post the location in the Facebook event discussion) & you win the pattern that it's hiding in!

Things you need to know:

  1. Exactly what you are looking for will be revealed at 7pm on March 5, 2018
  2. One pattern per person, once you've found one leave the rest for others please!
  3. To win you must be first to post a screenshot or link to the location of the picture! Posts must be in the Event Discussion!
  4. Prizes can be delivered by private Facebook message (PDF) or by Ravelry gift. When you have been notified that you win please send Featherby & Friends a message to claim your prize! If you choose a Ravelry gift please send your Ravelry ID.
  5. Contest is open until all pictures have been found!