Monday, October 1, 2018

Featured Pattern: Charlie the Dog

October's Featured Pattern:

Charlie the Dog

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Made with Bernat Pipsqueak this sweet puppy is unbelievably soft! Plus the bulky yarn & large hook means that this cuddly friend works up quickly!

Measuring about 14 inches tall the pattern uses approximately 125 yards of white & only 15 yards brown! I used Pipsqueak in Whitey White & Chocolate for the one shown.

Other materials:
Eyes: 12mm
Nose: 18mm
Hook: K 6.5mm
Finishing Needle
Stitch markers

For more information & a free scarf pattern see the post "Charlie the Dog" from October 26, 2017!

*This promotion is available on Ravelry only*

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Doll Pattern Update: Now Available!

The updated doll pattern is now available on Ravelry & Etsy!

After weeks of redesigning, crocheting, typing, editing, testing & more I am so excited to announce that the doll updates are finally available!! Even though the changes are really quite small I think they make a big difference & I hope you agree!

What's new?

  1. Attach-as-you-go Limbs: All four of the doll patterns now have attach-as-you-go limbs to eliminate ALL sewing! Check out my AAYG Post to learn more!
  2. Smaller Feet: With the original design, it was sometimes difficult to dress/undress the dolls. A smaller foot, with a slightly better shape, should help with that problem!
  3. Improved Head Shape: Instead of the head sloping towards the neck, there is a more dramatic decrease to create a better defined chin!
  4. General Readability: Part of my motto is "easy to follow" so I made a couple of improvements in that area! 
  5. Outfits: The boys' shorts have a slightly better fit as well as easier steps to follow. The girls have a brand new outfit that can be adapted to be either a tank top or a dress depending on which leg option you choose!

Already purchased doll patterns?

Ravelry Customers: Check your email/Ravelry messages for instructions on how to download the update!

Etsy or Craftsy Customers: Email including your username & order number. Please include "Request for Doll Update" in the subject line of the email. If you purchased dolls or outfits in separate orders please include the order number for each order.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Sunny the Sunshine

Sunny the Sunshine!

Now available on Ravelry & Etsy!

Sunny the Sunshine is a quick, no-sew pattern that is sure to brighten your day! Made with Super Bulky yarn it works up fast & is extra cuddly! For a mini version, try using worsted weight with a 4mm hook!

Finished size: approximately 10 inches across (plus the 2 inch triangles)
Materials Needed:
  • Hook size 8mm (L): if your stuffing shows through, consider going down a hook size!
  • 90 yards Super Bulky Blanket Yarn (shown in Bernat Blanket Brights in School Bus Yellow)
  • Stuffing
  • 18mm safety eyes: for ages 3 & up
  • Yarn needle
  • Black Worsted Weight yarn for mouth
  • 8 stitch markers (or scraps of yarn!)
Is it really no-sew with all those triangles?? 
Yes it is! I use one of my favorite techniques for minimizing assembly steps: working in empty front loops! Check out my tutorial! ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Please note: Safety eyes/noses are recommended for ages 3 & up. If you are making a toy for a younger child consider embroidering facial features instead!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Doll Pattern Update: Coming soon!

My dolls were some of my very first patterns. Although they got the stamp of approval from testers & customers, the more I learn about designing, the more I feel my dolls could be improved! So I am finally doing something about it! 

I am currently working on updating all of my Doll Patterns!! It is a very big project that includes making several dolls, painting eyes, taking pictures, editing pictures & retyping the pattern. I will also be sending each revised pattern to testers all over again!

The revisions are fairly minor & focus on simplifying steps but also improving proportions or shape. So far I have only worked on the dolls themselves, although I do plan to revisit each outfit as well. All of the revised dolls will have attach-as-you-go limbs to eliminate sewing!

As for timeline, I am hesitant to give an estimated release date, but I will post progress pictures as I go along. If you're interested in staying up to date follow me on InstagramFacebook

✦   @featherbyandfriends   ✦   #featherbydollupdate   ✦

Interested in purchasing patterns?
I highly recommend purchasing patterns on Ravelry. It is the only store (that I use) that allows me to send an update to everyone who purchased a pattern & make it immediately available to them.

Already purchased doll patterns?
Ravelry Customers: You will receive a Ravelry message and/or email when an update has been posted so you can download the new pattern. *Important: the current Sister outfits will be replaced with a new outfit! Make sure you download the current PDF before the update if you would like to keep the original outfit patterns!*

Etsy or Craftsy customers: Email including your username & order number. Please include "Request for Doll Update" in the subject line of the email. If you purchased dolls or outfits in separate orders please include the order number for each order. I will email you the updated PDF for the items you purchased as they are available.

Need some help adding hair?
Check out my Video Tutorial!

UPDATE: May 11, 2018
The revised doll patterns are almost ready!! Just a couple more tests, a few more edits & a great big official photoshoot!


 Estimated release date: May 26, 2018

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Birthday Day 7: First Pattern Flash Sale

My very first doll, Millie, & my most recent doll, Poppie!

My very first pattern was the Little Sister Doll! Over the past 3 years I have worked to improve & expand that first pattern. The actual doll has changed very little, with mostly minor revisions here & there. The best (& biggest) change was the switch to attach-as-you-go limbs! She has also gotten 10 more outfits & some siblings!

Today you can get the Little Sister Doll for just $1! The pattern comes with complete instructions for making the doll with 4 outfit options. Click HERE to apply the coupon & add the pattern to your cart!

Use coupon code "FeatherbyFirst" on Ravelry only. 
March 8, 2018 from 7pm to Midnight EST